In 2014, our first project was organizing the World Aviation Football Cup 2014, a football tournament with 32 international teams from the aviation industry which took place from June 5th, 2014 to June 8th, 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to the football competition, a great supporting program was set where the participants got to know each other, Frankfurt and had a good time.

We gained very prominent support from Stefan Lauer, Former Chief Officer Corporate Human Resources of Deutsche Lufthansa AG,  as our patron for the tournament, the BVB foundation “Leuchte auf”, Frankfurt Airport, Eintracht Frankfurt and the Leonardo Royal Hotel Frankfurt.

We successfully managed to achieve our goal to raise money for the Giovane Elber Stiftung to build sports facilities in Brazil and to contribute to the projects of BVB Stiftung „Leuchte auf.




Invitation to WAFC 2014 by Stefan Lauer

Giovane Elber for WACF2014

Bahar for WAFC 2014 live @ the Adlib Club (7th June)