Maratón de Madrid


In June 2014, the Global Goal Team hosted the “Lufthansa World Aviation Football Cup 2014” in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, for the benefit of children in Brazil. The great comradeship and the mutual exchange amongst the most different cultures left a great impression, given that 29 companies based in the aviation sector of 18 countries competed against each other.

Thus the idea arose to keep the tournament’s spirit alive and continue by pitching yet another project. The still fresh memories of a marathon run just before the football tournament, Stephan and Christopher decided to participate in another run, accompanied by as many colleagues and friends as possible in order to raise as many donations as possible.


We will participate in the Maratón de Madrid (April 26, 2015) with as many runners as possible. Currently our group counts 30 participants, but we would like to welcome anyone interested. Supported by donors we try and raise as much money as possible, which we would like to give to an early childhood support project in Bamfoa, Ghana.


All active participants will cover their own costs (e.g. travel, accommodation, registration,…) so that the final donation will have a serious impact.

  • Marathon (42.195km) and Half Marathon (21.0975) distances are offered
  • The entire team will wear common outfits showing the imprints of donating companies
  • Global Goal will present donors on their website and Facebook page
  • A large banner with company logos will be used for media coverage
  • The Lufthanseat (Lufthansa’s employee magazine) will present the project
  • Further newspapers und media will
  • Cover the run and our idea